Workshop with Liz

Come and enjoy our Borders and Edges workshop with Liz.  You can choose to come Saturday or Sunday or come on both days, it is up to you.  As always, it will be an enjoyable weekend, we will learn lots whilst having a great time!!!

Review of the meeting:-
Well, our time was certainly well spent!

For Borders! we now look at these differently! out goes your boring double edge and in comes a border with style and design, one to blend in with the garment and which suits the yarn!

An often neglected area are the Edges of a garment - no more do you need to spend hours trying to get your crochet evenly down both sides.  Liz demonstrated how we could do this on the machine, quick and easily! We did various types of finished edges that would suit everything from a Baby Blanket to a Designer Jacket!!

Such a Great time was had on the Saturday that some members came back again on the Sunday!!

Many Thanks Liz for sharing your knowledge and having endless patience, we certainly had a great time!!