Nursery Soft Furnishings Competition

Our Competition this year was Soft Furnishings which was then defined to be just for the Nursery as this is our Exhibition theme for 2011

The items included:-

Soft Toys - teddy bears, a lady mouse and many others
Baby Blankets - made is a variety of techniques and colours
Lamps - on shade had been crocheted and the other done in thread lace
Childrens Clothes - matinee coats, toddlers jumpers and cardigans and a dressing gown
Knitted Side Curtains and a Lace Curtain
A Child's Chair
which had been upholstered with fabric made using the knit weave technique

The Competition was Judged by Kate, a retired Soft Furnishings teacher who was attending a course at the Museum.  She confessed to not being a knitter and could not believe the variety of items that had been produced by our Guild members! She gave special mention to the curtains, the lamp shades and the dressing gown but the winner was - Margaret for her child's chair!

Many congratulation to Margaret who will receive £20 and all the items can be seen at the King's Hall 14-16 April and the Joint Guilds Exhibition at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum 14-30 May 2011.  See you there!

Pictures of our stand at the Kings Hall