South Down Ladies and Competiton

Our March meeting will be hosted by the Ladies from the County Down! Also our Annual Competition - this year Nursary Soft Furnishings

Watch this space for details!

On the Day the topic was 'My Favourite' - Punchcards! 

Marion's favourites were Fairisle Cards and she brought along samples of ones she had done in the past as well as a project she had been planning to enter into the competition but could not get the colour combination right! 

Andrea was next but she has an electronic machine - so No punchcards!  She used the occasion to experiment using 2 different types of fish as the motifs and then played about with their position accross the needlebed and also on the finished artical.  Using the facilities on the electronic, she made, for example, the Mackerel motifs half size, with many across the knitting and the Angel Fish double size filling the width with the motifs kissing! She completed 2 cushions with each side showing a different technique, these were entered into our competition and can be seen at the Kings Hall from 14-16 April 2011

Jeanette finished off our morning session with her examples of her favourites Punchcards those that could be used in weaving.  Using a fine base yarn and a heavy yarn which was weaven into the knitting, she had produced a chenille type fabric which was then used to make a Teddy Bear, who had come along for the day! He was gorgeous, so soft with the most lovely face!  She also had samples of other fabrics she had produced using a variety of cards and yarns - all creating a unique texture and look.

Our afternoon session was taken up by demonstrations of a variety of techniques using punchcards.  Liz showed us the Tea Cosey stitch using Card 1 and 2 colours and many, many more.  In the end Liz said that she had no 'favourite card' she just loved playing with them all to see the effects that could be created!

Many thanks to all those who contributed and we all went away inspired and with loads of notes to start 'playing'!

Click here for our Nursery Soft Furnishings Competition