Jewellery Competition

Saturday 23 January.  In our afternoon session, the ladies who had submitted items in our Jewellery competition explained just how they were made and the winner was announced.


Jewellery Competition submissions

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these are some of the entries made in a vaiety of materials and styles
 Crystal and bead necklace and bracelet created by Betty  

Chrystal & Bead Necklace and Braclett

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Black Knitted Necklace

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 Black necklace created by Stella

And the Winner is Andrea with her beautiful necklace, bracelet and earing set. 

Also featured is a selection of the other items of Wire Jewellery that she knitted on her machine using various techniques, beads and materials


2 tone knitted wire set

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The Winning entry

created by Andrea


Copper coloured set done in wire and beads

Lilac coloured set done in cotton yarn and beads

Matching necklaces and bracelets

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A big thankyou to our judge, a lady who was taking a boxmaking class in a nearby room and everyone who entered the competition.