Jan 2010 - Surprising Garments

We started off 2010 by looking at the design of garments you can buy in the shops are how these can be adapted to make your own variations. 

Betty and Lorna showed garments that were of a square or rectangular design but by clever use of sewing up or colour could transformed to look complete different! 

Betty's examples below the first is knitted as a square, folder in half and then sewn up to the fold, leaving a space for the armholes, a loose rib is then attached to the outside edge, forming a shrug.  Her second example is 2 large retangles sewn togehter and then sleeves are knitted and attached garment using the cut and sew method. 

Lorna showed us one of her favourite cardigans which is a large rectangle done in 5 panels, 2 of colour A and 3 of colour B and then placed, B, A, B, A, B and a rib in colour A is fitted.  The armholes are cut in A panels creating a very styling cardigan draping in folds at the front.  To create a cardigan of longer lenght, knit 2 rectangles the length your require and join them lengthwise, armholes are done by cut and sew.


 Lacy pattern shrug, created by Betty

Betty's Lacy Shrug

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Betty's Cut & Sew version

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 fine knit cardigan created by Betty
 An aran by Kate, just to prove that it does not always have to be done by machine!

Kate's Aran Cardigan

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Ella's hot tip is when you go to any Craft Exibitions, check out the book stand - they usually contain lots of ideas! 

She made these flowers from a book of 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet.  These are the same pattern just done in a variety of yarns 

Assorted Crocheted Flowers 

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Lorna's tip was that you could create different effects by adding beeds as you knitted a garment or attach them later.  Or create an emblishment in complementing or contracting colours for a focal point.

Crocheted collar to enhance that 'little black dress'

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Crocheted collars made by Ella and brought in by Lorna, can be added to any little black dress 

White Collar

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