April 09 Knit & Stitch

About Us coming soon. In the meantime have a look see at some photos...

All were taken in April 2009 at the Knit & Stitch Exibition at the King's Hall, Belfast.  This year our theme was 'Socks' and they come in all sizes and colours, each sock is done in 1 piece and sewn up as it is knitted - little or no sewing up!

Photo 2 from exhibition

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Socks in all


for all



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 We also had a '100 gram' Competiton and who would have guessed that 100 grams would go so far! Here are some of our members '100 gram Wonders' 


Hats, Scarfs, Socks,

a Muff and

even a String Bag!


example title

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All from 100 grams

or 1 ball of yarn


The centerpiece of our display was the model dressed right on trend in two tone cardigan and knitted large bag.  Cardigan was made on a chunky machine by Andrea.

our model

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Full length

and close up

close up of model

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Look out for details of our next exhibition in October at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra